Starting a new blog, beach sketches, languages and news.

Ok so this is a new blog I am starting. I wanted to make everything inside only one url so since  squarespace has a blog feature I'm gonna try to use it. For all my past blog entries (around 3 years) go to Subscribe to this one to receive everything I post from now on. I don't post that much so don't worry, your mailbox won't be full of shit from me.


I'll try to post everything in English since I have sooo many fans all over the world (not). I kid. It's just that any person outside Brazil that might end up here will be able to understand my posts as well. You might see a Portuguese post every now and then, though.


For those who don't know me that much I am Brazilian, but very nomad. I kid that I live 5 years each city because that is kind of what happened in my life. So long story short: I had been living in São Paulo (biggest city in the country) for 5 years and 3 months go I decided to move to Rio. And this is where I am now. Five more years? Maybe. Maybe not. I'll leave that to fate.

Finally, some drawings!

So today it was a christian saint holiday in Rio. Not a Big fan of church, nor christianism and its saints, but oh do I love the holidays we get from living in a big christian country! So I was up at 7 am to go to the beach, I don't usually lay there under the sun like a lizard but I had my sketchbook with me, so my two roommates joined me later and we played cards, drank some caipirinhas and came home later.

Here is what I sketched in the morning.

And this is me just chilling. Thanks for reading! Subscribe and get in touch with me!